The Dr Irena Eris programme of signature treatments based on the formulations from the PROSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL line ensures a customized approach to the specific needs of any type of skin. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments for the face and body which follow the latest cosmetology trends and whose efficacy has been proven at the Dr Irena Eris CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND RESEARCH.

The Dr Irena Eris CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND RESEARCH comprises state-of-the-art laboratories, employs eminent scientists, and conducts world-class research. The staff employed at the Centre includes experts holding academic degrees in such fields as pharmacy, biology, molecular biology and chemistry, who collaborate with dermatologists, allergy specialists and aesthetic medicine experts.

The Dr Irena Eris CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND RESEARCH conducts unique in vitro research on skin cells (fibroblasts and keratinocytes) and ex vivo research (on 3D skin models). The research is necessary to establish and use optimal concentrations of active ingredients in cosmetic products and to create synergistic complexes. Another stage of research is in vivo (application) testing which confirms the efficacy of ingredients in specific formulations and the effectiveness of skin care treatments.

The patents we hold and patent applications we have filed testify to the high level of research. Owing to its innovative approach to the product and ability to anticipate global trends, the Dr Irena Eris CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND RESEARCH is recognized as a unique research facility whose achievements contribute to the advancement of global cosmetology.